Benefit Auction for the
Glass Outhouse Gallery

presented by The Artists LeFey

This auction will open on Saturday, April 2, 2022 at 5:00 pm PST.

Please note: The Glass Outhouse is not responsible or liable for any participation of any kind in this event which is conducted solely by The Artists LeFey LLC. Address any questions or comments to The Artists LeFey. This is not Laurel’s circus and not her monkeys. Thank you!

Imagined, assembled, sculpted, painted, collaged and more! Featuring the stunning work of Abe Alvarez-Tostado, Dan Bartlett, Loisa Bartlett, Summer Dawn Robbins Batini, Bonnie C. Brady, Abel Castro, Sharon Davis, Nan Devore, Julianne Elliott, Marcia Geiger, Jennifer Grandi, Austin Hart, Sue Holloway, Snake Jagger, Sharon Morgan Jenkins, Jacqueline Keesee, Grey Forge LeFey, Rita Lilly, Rik Verlin Livingston, Suni Moon, Josie Kim Parker, Selina Phanara, Alan Powell, Jessica Quick, Ted Quinn, Cindy Rinne, Victoria Roberts, Suzanne Ross, Jennifer Ruggiero, Laurel Seidl, Esther Shaw, Douglas Oliver Smith, D. Tomlinson, Barbara Wells-Roberts, and Don David Young.

Each artist has contributed their time and talent to bringing sturdy, blank decorative masks to captivating life. All proceeds from the sale of masks will contribute to the operation of The renowned Glass Outhouse, the magical art gallery and open air installation art walk in Southern California’s Wonder Valley.

The Artists LeFey and all contributing artists express their love and gratitude for Laurel Seidl, whose vision and generous heart created the Glass Outhouse. Laurel operates this extraordinary gallery as a not for profit, which has been newly expanded to provide an average of seven full exhibit spaces for monthly shows of uncommon art, including an open air gathering place for debuts with music and refreshments. Take this opportunity to purchase a mask or make a contribution!

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