Grey and Khrysso LeFey

The Artists LeFey

A great relationship leads to an
amazingly creative life!

Grey and Khrysso have each been an artist all
their born days, but since marrying in 2017
they’ve reached a visionary critical mass.

shangri-LeFey studios


The Writers

Khrysso is an acute observer, pedagogue, and commentator. Grey is a playwright and fantasy writer. Both are self-published authors, bloggers, and poets.


The Visual Artists

Grey is a graphic designer, painter, and sculptural maker. Khrysso is a paper collagist and digital artist. They exhibit throughout Southern California and have an online fine print gallery.


The Musicians

Both of the Artists LeFey have been lifelong music makers who have written, performed, and directed. Recordings are available soon!


The Troupers

Did we mention the Artists LeFey perform? Since the pandemic began a couple years ago, public appearances have been limited, but we Zoom, Youtube, and TikTok.

Our Recent Books

Hell, with the Holidays by Grey Forge LeFey

Hell, with the Holidays

Now Free on Kindle Unlimited
Paperback from $8.99

Every family has its challenges when gathering for the holidays, but what happens when those family members are the personifications of the holidays themselves? No longer venerated by mortals as they were accustomed to in their youth, this mythic clan stars in Grey Forge LeFey’s acclaimed play.

Go On With Your Wind: A Parody in Scarlet by Grey Forge LeFey

Go On With Your Wind:
A Parody in Scarlet

Kindle and
Paperback from $6.35

Spoilitt O’Hairy is torn between ineffectual Freshly Wilted and scoundrel Thrett Cutlet. Along with the rest of an outrageous cast including Melancholy Cameltoe, Aunt FlippyFlop, Mamsy, and more, the cinema classic Gone with the Wind is skewered mercilessly in Grey Forge LeFey’s irreverent 2 Act play.

Creating Our Spaces, Finding Our Voices by Khrysso Heart LeFey

Creating Our Spaces,
Finding Our Voices

Now Free on Kindle Unlimited
Paperback from $8.99

Khrysso Heart LeFey delivered a series of sermons to a ministerless Unitarian Universalist church that are all connected by his observations of how people find their places in their communities. Applicable to many more gatherings than just UU, these thoughtful and personal essays grew out of those sermons.

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