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We’re so happy to have you! Our online gallery features high quality prints of original art created by Khrysso Heart LeFey and Grey Forge LeFey in a range of media and style. Objets d’art are available on various media wall art, decor items, and giftware for the discerning Gallery LeFey enthusiast. In some cases, original works are also still available. The common element of these works is the intent of these artists to focus positive energy for an esthetic experience. Surround yourself with positivity!

PLEASE NOTE: We take great pains to vet the sources of our prints and printed merchandise very carefully to ensure the highest quality. If it’s not suitable for our house, it’s not suitable for yours. So depending on your purchases you may generate diverse packaging and shipping. It’s very rare for our customers to experience dissatisfaction, and rest assured any issues due to manufacturer fault are corrected immediately. Please browse and enjoy!

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