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Grey Forge LeFey!

Now available on the Amazon!

I’m so excited to have two of my plays now available on Amazon! I had both plays marvelously premiered by my theatre group in Ohio: Hell, with the Holidays in 2015 and Go On With Your Wind: A Parody in Scarlet in 2016. Both were hits with audiences and… then...

I’m OUT! (as a poet)

All kinds of coming outs going on! Well, the truth is I’ve written poetry, lyrics, and prose (sporadically) all my life, so no huge secret. But tonight, I did my first-ever poetry reading at the Desert Split Open Mic in Joshua Tree. Thanks so much to author Susan Rukeyser for...

On Being a Writer

I’ve been a writer and editor nearly my whole life. Like Wonderland’s Alice, my very favorite phrase has always been, “Let’s pretend!” I wrote and directed my first play for my 4th grade class, something about a band of green-skinned aliens, as I recall. I excelled at writing all through...

Khrysso Heart LeFey:
Reverent Infidel

Another Harangue on the So-Called “Law of Attraction”

Another Harangue on the So-Called “Law of Attraction”

I thought I was finished with having to criticize this after the furor over the 2006 movie and book The Secret died down, but the so-called “Law of Attraction” has been coming back into conversations lately, probably thanks in part to my association with a New Thought group. The LoA is very big in New […]

From “Political” to Political

From “Political” to Political

Reprinted from RFD: a country journal for queer folk, Fall 1995, #83. ©1995 KHLeFey. (This essay contains coarse language and sexual content.) Before I was political, I was “Political.” In my college days and a while beyond, I was a Religious Right evangelical, I was a card-carrying member of the Moral Majority (which was at […]

Bringing It All Along

Bringing It All Along

A lot of people, when they start another career, leave previous careers behind. As an artist, I simply add to what I’m already doing. I knew when I was in the eighth grade that I wanted to be a writer. As I planned my life at Ohio State I was interested in music, but I […]

SoFonda Tees

I might be a Snob, but I’m never a Bigot White 15oz Ceramic Mug

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I might be a snob, but I’m never a bigot! NonGender 3/4 sleeve raglan shirt

I might be a snob, but I’m never a bigot! by SoFonda Tees. Take to the field or the classroom in this classic contrasting baseball tee by Tultex. An always-fashionable style, this baseball T-shirt is great by itself or as a layer under a T-shirt or hoodie. 100% ring-spun cotton (heather gray color is 90% […]

I might be a snob, but never a bigot. NonGender Basic T-Shirt

Through 6X in 16 colors! It’s all about the colors, Baby! (All colors may not be available in all sizes)



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